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Hercules DJ Mix Room is not Hercules technical support

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Inserito il 03/15/17 a 11:57:46
Hercules DJ Mix Room is a community website, an area for discussions among users.
It is not Hercules support website: Hercules support website is https://support.hercules.com/en/cat-djcontrollers-en/
If you want to get Hercules support on phone, please look at the phone number list on https://support.hercules.com/en/contact-en/

You can of course ask for technical help on Hercules DJ Mix Room if you complete your profile (in My Space > My Profile) https://www.herculesdjmixroom.com/en-us/account/informations/ with the technical information
(You have 3 fields to list your equipment:
- In "Hercules equipment in use", the name of your Dj controller,
- In "Software in use", the name of DJ software,
- In "Describe your equipment": your computer brand and model, CPU, quantity of RAM, version of Windows or Mac OS, version of DJConsole Series driver package, version of DJ software)
but as you are on a forum, the response time is not the same as if you were in touch with the technical support, as the people you can talk with are not working for Hercules technical support.

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