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Tips to Choose an Air Compressor for Your Paint Sprayer

Currently, various types of paint sprayers are available on the market. These spray guns have several similar features and functions. All these sprayers provide a quick and smooth painting experience to the users. However, they have some differences as well. In contrast to an indoor outdoor paint sprayer, the HVLP (high volume low pressure) and LVLP (low volume low pressure) spray guns need air compressors to work efficiently. They produce the required compressed air to spray the paint materials.

If you are using any of these paint sprayers, you will also require a suitable air compressor to fit on these spray guns. However, choosing the most appropriate air compressor according to the sprayer is not simple. You have to look for several factors before selecting the best air compressor for the best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets. Here, we will provide detailed information about the features you need to look for before purchasing an air compressor.

Volume of Air

CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the first and foremost thing to consider before choosing an air compressor. The CFM gives information about the air volume that the air compressor of an electric airless paint sprayer produces per minute. However, the CFM is not related to the force of the air. Instead, the CFM describes the quantity of air at a definite pressure produced by the air compressor.

To find the air compressor with suitable CFM, you first need to find the CFM range of your paint sprayer. After that, choose the air compressor with CFM equal to or more than the CFM of your tool. It is vital to know that you should not purchase the wrong air compressor for the best paint sprayer for walls. In this case, the spray gun will not work efficiently. The CFM of the air compressor should not be below the CFM of the spray gun.

Tank Size

Some paint sprayers use more air than other tools available in the market. For instance, a paint sprayer for interior walls needs a continuous flow from the air compressor. Due to this reason, the air compressor required for a paint sprayer might be different from other tools that use an air compressor. The main difference is the size of the tank for paint sprayers.

You can use your paint sprayer with a tank capacity of 6 gallons. However, it is far low for air sprayers. For working with a sprayer gun, the tank size of the air compressor must be from 50 gallons and above - as mentioned in several paint sprayer reviews. It is the second most vital factor you need to look for while purchasing an air compressor for paint sprayers.


LVLP and HVLP are the two types of paint sprayers that need air compressors for proper functioning. However, you cannot choose an ordinary air compressor with these tools. You can only use air compressors that meet certain conditions. The CFM of the air compressor must be above the CFM required for your spray gun. Along with that, the tank size of the air compressor for air sprayers should be more than 50 gallons for continuous airflow.