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DJControl Jogvision manopola 'FX DRY > WET' destra non funzionante!!!


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Publicado el 03/11/19 a 15:36:45
ho inziato ad avere dei problemi con il potenziometro destro 'FX DRY > WET' circa un mese fa, dove mancava di precisione. Ora non funziona più correttamente, rimane sempre al minimo anche ruotando a 360°.
Vorrei sapere la sigla corretta del potenziometro in modo da poterlo sostituire, non essendo più in garanzia la console. 

Grazie in anticipo

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Publicado el 03/14/19 a 10:13:31
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Sorry you meet an issue on your controller.

1) The first step consists in checking with a MIDI monitoring software if the rotary encoder is actually defective or if it is a setting problem, so you need to use a MIDI monitoring programm to check whether the rotary encoder sends or not MIDI commands if you are in Windows, you can use the free Pocket MIDI app. 

a) Install Pocket MIDI from Windows store

2) Connect DJControl Jogvision to the computer, run Pocket MIDI, and in Pocket MIDI activate DJControl Jogvision as MIDI Input Port

3) Turn the right encoder clockwise.
Do you read B1 44 01 at each rotation step?

d) Turn the right rotary encoder counter-clockwise
Do you read B1 44 7F at each rotation step?

So do you get these 2 MIDI messages (B1 44 01 when turning clockwise / B1 44 7F when turning counter-clockwise)?
- if no, the Dry->Wet rotary encoder is probably defective,
- if yes, the problem does not lay in the controller and it is a setting issue, so to get help you should fill your profile in clicking on "MY SPACE"> "MY PROFILE": you have 3 fields to list your equipment:
  • In "HERCULES EQUIPMENT IN USE", please check DJControl Jogvision,
  • In "SOFTWARE IN USE", check the name of your DJ software,
  • In "HERCULES EQUIPMENT IN USE": type your computer brand and model, CPU, quantity of RAM, version of Windows or macOS, version of DJConsole Series driver package, version of DJ software.

2) If the rotary encoder does not send the appropriate MIDI commands, then you can change it: the rotary encoder for Fx dry->wet on DJControl Jogvision is a Taiwan Alpha RE120F-40-25F-24P (rotary encoder, 12mm shaft, 20mm operating section, 24 detent, vertical mount, no push down switch).
I do not know if you can find exactly this model, but for example this model is very close.

https://www.rapidonline.com/taiwan-alpha-12mm-vertical-encoder-20mm-fl at-insulated-shaft-24ppr-67-1206