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How to clear "track status" in DJUCED


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Publicado el 04/17/21 a 15:32:59
I have spent several hours learning to use DJUCED.  It is a great program.  I pretty much feel like I can use any of the functions I need now.  I have looked all over DJUCED trying to figure out how to clear the track status.  I cant see how to do this anywhere.  I also have submitted several searches on this forum regarding track status and cant see anything at all.  When I play a gig need to be able to clear my playslists for the next gig.  Any help is appreciated.

User Experience Team

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Publicado el 04/19/21 a 19:18:17
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Welcome to the forum.


1) precise what you want to clear: is it the status "Last Played" or is it something else?

2) complete complete your technical information in My Space > My Profile.
- in "Hercules Equipment In Use", select the name of your controller
- in "Software In Use", check Djuced
- in "Describe your equipment", describe your computer
  • brand and model
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Type of USB port
  • Environment (Eg. Window 10 64-bit)
  • version of DJ software (Eg. Djuced 5.1.3)
  • version of DJ driver (Eg. 2020_HDJS_1)