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problems with the rmx console

dj scor-pio

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Posted on 08/19/08 at 18:22:53
What's going on everyone,i've just joined the rmx room, Im  dj scor-pion. I just purchased the rmx console about 2 weeks ago, And so far Im loving it, except for a few problems I've ran into, Im running it with virtual dj 5.7 with a toshiba satelite series laptop with 2 gigs of ram.A few things are not working correctly. My sound drops very low when I start a song on either deck, and when I turn the gain knobs or the main volume slider on the rmx the sound comes up very loud. Can't figure out what the problem could be. Also, when I move my pitch sliders on the hercules console they don't react right away on the virtual dj. Im really hoping someone out there can help me correct these issues. Would really appreciate. Also, lastly, whats the best software to run on the hercules rmx 'virtual dj or traktor

Mr Rizo

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Posted on 08/23/08 at 02:12:13
Hey man was up. I have hade the same problems. Try gettimg the VDJ PRO it has settings that hold volume at current levels. It worked for me. As far as the sliders before you start djing move them a bit once again it works for me. if you dont have pro I think there is a special for only $149.00 because you purchased the RMX. Go to and check out the deal.


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Posted on 08/31/08 at 00:26:06
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Hello dj scor-pio,

1) There is no need to buy a US$ 149 upgrade to solve technical bugs: the bugs are solved by settings or by free updates, but when you pay an upgrade to VirtualDJ Pro, it is to get more functions, not to solve bugs.

2) You should download on VirtualDJ website a free update of VirtualDJ DJC 5.
Upgrades are on, and you can download an update to VirtualDJ DJC& nbsp;5.2 instead of the VirtualDJ DJC 5. 0.7 version which is on your website.&nb sp;You must register on VirtualDJ website&nbs p;with the serial number to be able to download VirtualDJ DJC 5.2 free update.

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