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Scratch Button Disabled on Rmx w/ Traktor DJ Studio 3


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Posted on 07/06/08 at 03:58:29
Hi, I recently purchased the Dj Console Rmx and the installation has cone fairly well but I have 1 nagging issue that I can't seem to resolve... The scratch button on the dj console only works when my loaded track is paused or if I old bown the stop button while the track is being played.  I use Traktor DJ Studio 3 as my DJ-ing program [MAC OS/10.4].  I thought that activationg the "Switch To Absolute Mode" option in Traktor DJ Studio's Preferences would've solved this issue but no such luck.... Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

DJ Phatso

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Posted on 07/07/08 at 18:55:36
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if you want the Scratch mode to be ON all the time, just do the following modification:

- Go to Preferences > Hotkey & MIDI setup > MIDI Setup

- In the list of all the MIDI mapping on the left, you should find 4 entries for "DECK SCRATCH JOGG ON", 2 of them HOLD in the colomn TYPE.

- Select each one , and change the setting for CONTROL TYPE to TOGGLE instead of HOLD. 

Now, once you<ve activated the scratch function on a deck , you will need to push the button again to disengage it.

The Phat one!

Hercules DJ Forum Team


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Posted on 07/08/08 at 05:22:51
Thanks for saving the day again DJ Phatso.  Appreciate it!


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Posted on 08/23/08 at 21:18:51
Thanks PaulOnion for starting this thread and Phatso for responding. DJ Phatso, have a question for you? I have the same set-up as Paul - Mac + Tractor 3 + RMX. Unable to activate the scratch function on RMX. Went into Tractor MIDI setup but don't see any entry for "DECK SCRATCH JOGG ON". What shall I do in this case? Thanks much for your help.