Versions of music tracks: what do Original, Radio Edit, Dub, etc.. mean?

Online music stores offer several versions of the same music, called Original, Radio Edit, Instrumental, Extended, ...

What does each version mean?
- Original, or Original Mix, or Original Edit: the track released originally by the artist,
- Radio, Radio Edit or Radio Mix: a shortened version of the track, 3 to 4 minutes long: the part removed may be the intro and outro
- Extended, Extended Mix: a longer version of the track, often 6 o 8 minutes long, for example with a loop of the instrumental track after the second chorus,
- Club mix, club edit: an extended mix with a DJ friendly intro and outro = the intro/outro have a stable rhythm one can dance on,
- Dub mix: a remix of a track using a limited portion of the vocal part (for example a few words) playing over a more complete instrumental track
- Instrumental mix: audio track with only the instruments, no singing voice: a great format for karaoke and for DJing
- Acapella: audio track with only the singing voice(s), no instrument: a great format for DJing

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