Play on computer speakers while prelistening in DJ controller built-in audio

Most DJ software let you play the mix on computer speakers while using the DJ controller built-in audio, at least for the preview. 


In Serato:

go in Settings > Audio
check the field: use laptop speakers

In Djuced,
go in Settings > Audio
as Audio device, select the dj controller built in audio interface
as Output, check the outputs of the DJ controller for Master and Headphones
In “Send master to computer speakers”, select the computer audio device

In VirtualDJ
Go in Settings > Audio
In the Outputs thumbnails, check Speaker+Headphone
In Hardware thumbnails, select the DJController with built-in audio
In Outputs lists, you should see the Master and the Headphones of the controller
Click on + sign on bottom right of the Outputs list
Select the computer audio interface as Master output


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Prevent Windows from switching off USB devices

Windows power saving mode saves power by switching of the USB bus power, which disturbs most USB audio / video devices.

So to get rid of this setting:
1) Press Win+X keys, to display the Windows Quick Access menu
2) Select Device Manager in the list
3) Click on "USB Serial Bus controllers" to display the list
4) Find the first line with hub (USB hub, USB Root Hub, Generic USB hub...)
5) Right-click on the line and select Properties

6) Click on "Power Management'" tab, and uncheck the field
"Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power"

7) Click on OK
8) Find the second line with hub in the name among the list of "USB Serial Bus controllers" 
9) Go back to step 5 and do the same operations
... and so on until you have removed this setting from all your USB ports. 

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Audio quality issues with USB audio devices

USB audio quality is related to
  • computer settings,
  • computer power,
  • USB settings and USB connection,
  • audio drivers (Audio or WASAPI mode)
  • the speakers, amplifier or headphones use
so in case of audio quality with USB audio devices, the needed pieces of information are

1) A description of the computer environment
  • computer brand and model, and the type of computer (laptop or desktop)
  • USB audio device brand, model and audio drivers version
  • Windows or macOS version
  • USB connection (direct USB port or via a USB hub or via a USB-C converter, brand & model of the USB-C converter, type of USB port (USB 2, USB 3, USB-C))
  • speakers or headphones brand & model, which input on speakers if speakers have several inputs.    
2) A description of the audio issue
  • type of sound issue: noise, hiss, crakles, ....
  • is it constant hear even when playing silence or do you hear it only when playing sound
  • if you hear it in speakers, do you hear it also in headphones, and vice-versa?


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Djuced 5: Play an external audio source on a deck

To play an external audio source in Djuced, you need to use audio  device with an audio input (mic or line or phono), as DJControl Inpulse 500 which has a line input (Aux).

1) Set Djuced display in 4-deck mode

2) Go in Djuced Settings > Audio

3) Enable the audio input on a deck, for example Deck 3

4) Click on OK to go back to Djuced main display

5) In Djuced main display, click on the deck figure number to select the deck contents

6) Djuced then plays the external source on the deck instead of a track


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