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Djuced does not detect controller, help please.


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Eingestellt von 05/01/21 an 02:08:24
  • Universal DJ
  • Djuced
I have a universal dj hercules controller.
I have changed laptop and now dj uced does not detect the controller, I only have a demo or licensed option.
is this normal?
What can I do to fix it?
in my old laptop I never had this problem, the controller always detected me.


User Experience Team

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Eingestellt von 05/03/21 an 16:02:42
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Welcome to the forum.

1) Please complete your profile with technical information on your device in My Space > My Profile in "Describe your equipment", describe your computer
  • brand and model
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Type of USB port
  • Environment (Eg. Window 10 64-bit)
  • version of DJ software (Eg. Djuced 5.1.3)
  • version of DJ driver (Eg. 2020_HDJS_1)
2) If you have installed Hercules DJ drivers, can you call the DJ control panel and check if it detects the controller like that:
If you can read a firmware version number, it means the controller is properly detected.

PS) I have read your message on
a) it is not good to post twice the same message, as it make a message which will get no answer, please post a message only once.
I will delete the spanish message as I have started answering to this message here.
b) as you post in spanish, should I suppose you are not from Iceland?