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Headphone Deley

Lotus Flower

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Eingestellt von 07/24/22 an 04:49:23
Hey folks, I purchased a se 500 controller a couple of days ago and I am having an issue. The software that I am using is Serato pro. The issue is, when I am mixing I match the beat in my headphones and when I bring the level up it's always out of beat, even though it's in beat through my headphones. There must be some kind of deley happening and I don't have a clue how to solve the problem. I would be very grateful if someone could share some knowledge and help me out.


User Experience Team

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Eingestellt von 07/24/22 an 17:38:47
  • DJControlInpulse 300 MK2
  • DJControl Inpulse 500
  • DJ Console 4-Mx
  • Serato
  • Djuced
  • VirtualDJ
  • Traktor

Welcome to the forum.

1) There is no delay between the audio output for the headphones (on front of DJC Inpulse 500) and the audio output for the speakers (on rear of DJC Inpulse 500), as it is the same audio interface, they play exactly as the same time, the delay you hear happens afterwards.
If your speakers
- have a Digital Signal Processing, then it causes latency, and you will constantly hear a delay except if there is a no latency setting as "Gaming" or "Direct mode"  
- or are far, which causes even more latency, you will hear a delay.

2) Most technical problems cannot be solved if you provide no technical information. To get an efficient technical help, please complete your technical profile in
In "Hercules equipement in use", check the name of the DJ controller, DJControl Inpulse 500
in "Software in use", check the nam eof the software, Serato
In "Describe your equipment" field, type
  • the computer brand and model CPU RAM (as Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon 13ITL5 13,3" Core i5 16 GB RAM)
  • Type of USB port (for example USB 3.0 Type A, USB-C, USB hub powered by a power adapter...)
  • Environment (for example Windows 10 64-bit Version 21H2 build 19044.1526)
  • version of DJ software (for example Serato 2.5.12)
  • version of DJ driver (for example. 2022_HDJS_1) 
  • Brand & model of speakers, and where are they connected
  • brand & model of headphones, and where are they connected