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Serato DJ Pro + Hercules Jogvison play tracks at slow tempo


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Eingestellt von 06/24/21 an 17:21:33
Hi, I have a problem with Serato DJ Pro and Hercules DJ Control Jogvision. When I´m playing song through the  Hercules controler with windows media player, the song plays in normal tempo. But when I´m playing the same song in Serato, the tempo of the song is little bit slower. It is very annoing when you know how the song should sound. I´m using key lock and the sync button is disabled. Is it normal? Another problem that I don´t know how to solve is that the slider marked with + and - do nothing. I belive that is beginner fault, but I can not solve it. Thank you for replied. 

(Currently with windows laptop, but it was the same problem with MAC)

User Experience Team

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Eingestellt von 06/28/21 an 09:27:22
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Welcome to the forum.

Please complete your technical profile in My Space > My Profile
- in "Hercules Equipment In Use", select DJControl Jogvision
- in "Software In Use", check the name(s) of your DJ software, Serato
- in "Describe your equipment", describe your computer
  • brand and model
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Type of USB port
  • Environment (Eg. Window 10 64-bit)
  • version of DJ software (Serato DJ Pro 2.5.5)
  • version of DJ driver (Eg. 2020_HDJS_1)
Please precise the format of your audio files, and whether it happens on all audio files or only on some files.

In my opinion, if you are a beginner you should start with Serato DJ Lite and not Pro, as Lite is the proper software to begin.
Do you meet the same symptom on Serato DJ Lite?

Regarding sync, Serato only works with instant Sync, it is not a continuous Sync as for example VirtualDJ.