DJ Console 4-Mx now in stores

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The first units of DJ Console 4-Mx have reached the shelves of music stores in Europe at the end of last week, it is now available in stores.

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Deckadance 1.8 Release

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Image Line has just announced the release release of Deckadance 1.8 for Windows and Mac OS

Deckadance 1.8 supports, on Windows and Mac OS:
- Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2
- Hercules DJ Control Steel
- Hercules DJ Console RMX
- Hercules DJ Console MK2
- Hercules DJ Console MK4
- Hercules DJ Control MP3
- Hercules DeeJay TRIM 4&6.

The big news lay in the new Song Manager:
- Manage 50.000+ in your music collection without slow downs using a open format database (sqlite).
- SM categorizes music files in your computer making them accessible through numerous search/sort features.
- Importing tracks into Song Manager doesn't copy music files.
- Simple search and advanced search via subsets of metadata fields (filters).
- Create playlist to organize effectively your tracks. Sort, re- order, reset original state, export to html/m3u and more.
- Create smart playlist that auto-update based on 'rules'. e.g.: "top 25 most played dance genre songs with bpm between 120 and 140".
- Fully customizable layouts: hide/show, re-arrange, (auto) resize of the metadata view columns.
- Edit track tags/metadata (title, artist, name... etc.) via inline editing.
- Cover art (resizable) display.
- Supported formats: mp3, acc (m4a), wav, aiff, wma, flac and ogg.
- Cross platform (win/mac) with full drag/drop external support.
Other changes & additions
- New Recording engine with threaded streaming to disk.
- Added supported controllers (Hercules DJ Console MK4 & American Audio VMS4)
- Added SNAP to the closest beat in the waveform for loops, cues, waveform seek and start position.
- Added DVS run-out protection with auto engage and visual feedback.
- Added Lead In function in DVS section.
- Improved DVS behaviour for large audio buffer sizes.
- Incremented to 30 seconds the minimum playing time to mark a song like played.
- Added right click over played state to reset it.
- Removed clear played state of tracks when automix is enabled.
- Updated minihost look and added song manager start button.
- Added downbeat and start position keyboard shortcuts:
  > DECK A->Downbeat: "ctrl+t", Start Position: "ctrl+y".
  > DECK B->Downbeat: "ctrl+g", Start Position: "ctrl+h".
- Added "key slider" and "key slider inverted" to the midi learn commands.
- Incremented decks buffer size to 15 minutes.


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Tech tips: update DJ Console Rmx firmware

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Here are guidelines to update DJ Console Rmx firmware in Windows and in Mac OS:
- in english ,
- in french.

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Tech tips: record external sources on DJ Console Rmx

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Here are guidelines to record an external audio source with DJ Console Rmx in VirtualDJ:
- Record the line input: guideline in english and in french,
- Record the microphone input: guideline in english and in french.

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2 flight cases for DJ Console Rmx / DJ Control Steel in Marathon Pro

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Marathon, a company based in California, has released 2 flight cases for DJ Console Rmx:

MA-RMX, a flight case for 1 DJ Console Rmx, of 16.5"x 16"x7.5" (42 x 40.5 x 19 cm) for a weight of 10 lbs (4.5 kg).

MA-RMXLT is a flight case for 1 DJ Console Rmx + a laptop shelf, for 16.5"x 18"x7.5" (42 x 46 x 19 cm) for a weight of 15 lbs (7 kg).

The list prices are USD 160 for MA-RMX and USD 260 for MA-RMXLT, but actual prices are lower.


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Hercules DJ Console Mk4 on Namm Show 2010

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01/14/2010 - Hercules unveils DJ Console Mk4 - New portable DJ mixing console offers a compact design and lets you connect any analog audio source for perfect integration with your mixing needs 

Come get a sneak preview of the DJ Console Mk4 at NAMM, January 14 - 18, 2010 at the Hercules booth, #6809 

NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA - (January 14, 2010) - Hercules, the specialist in digital DJing solutions, unveils the newest version of their DJ Console line, the DJ Console Mk4, a mixing console with a compact design and analog audio source connectivity. This new mixer for amateur to mobile DJ’s is an updated version of their earlier, top-selling models worldwide, the DJ Console and DJ Console Mk2 and features a multitude of improvements and additions that will facilitate musical creativity. Featuring a cutting-edge design, this portable controller includes 2 decks and a high-performance audio interface, making it a real, all-in-one DJ station for PC and Mac users starting in spring 2010. 

Built for mobile DJing, the DJ Console Mk4 features a strikingly modern design with a thinner but wider body than the previous model, the DJ Console Mk2. The metallic-colored surface top with a see-through plate and new body provides a comfortable mixing solution to any DJ. It also includes more precise jog wheels, 4 browser buttons instead of a joystick, more space between the cross fader and jog wheels and backlit buttons for ease of use during low-light conditions. Compact (7.36" x 10.4" x 2.5") and lighter than a laptop computer (2.5lb) with large, non-slip feet for perfect stability while mixing, users can take the Hercules DJ Console Mk4 anywhere. 

Not your standard DJ controller, the Hercules DJ Console Mk4 also includes a high-performance audio interface
- 2 stereo outputs (2 x 2 RCA) let DJs play their mix for the audience (channels 1-2: 2 RCA outputs to connect hi-fi systems and mixers, plus 1 stereo mini jack output (1/8" / 3.5mm) for multimedia speakers), while also previewing the next track for themselves (channels 3-4: 2 RCA outputs, plus 1 headphone plug).
- 2 stereo inputs (2 x 2 RCA) let DJs connect external audio sources, and include them in their digital mix: vinyl turntables, CD or MP3 players, and so on.
- 4 input levels: phono (for vinyl turntables), consumer line level (-10dBv, for MP3 players), pro line level (+4dBu, for studio gear), and boosted pro line level (+8dBu, for the most powerful CD players designed for DJing).
- 1 microphone jack (1/4" / 6.35mm), with talk-over function.
- 1 headphone jack (1/4" / 6.35mm), for previewing tracks.

Other features include: 
- Two decks for mixing digital audio files
- Two jog wheels for moving within tracks, adjusting speed of playback, applying scratching effects and more

This new Hercules controller will be bundled with VirtualDJ® DJC Edition, an easy to learn yet powerful mixing software that provides users with a wealth of useful functions including audio file analysis for calculating music tracks’ BPM, suggesting a cue point and more. The console also includes functions for synchronizing tracks, as well as for applying automatic loops and multiple effects for users who want to add their own personal touch to their musical creations or record their mixes as audio files. As a final touch, Hercules is including a graphic skin that can be placed underneath the see-through plate on top of the controller, allowing users to give a unique look to their console. 

Minimum system requirements
PC: 1.5GHz processor or higher; 1GB RAM; Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32/64-bit); USB port; stereo speakers and/or headphones.

Mac®: 1.5GHz processor or higher; 1GB RAM; Mac OS® 10.4 / 10.5 /10.6; USB port; stereo speakers and/or headphones.


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Hercules unveils the DJ Control MP3 e2

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Hercules Brings the Sensation of Pro DJing to the New Mixing Generation

NEW YORK, NY - (September, 2009) - Hercules, the leader in portable DJing solutions for computers and manufacturer of entertainment hardware unveils their latest DJ creation, the Hercules DJ Control MP3e2. This new DJ controller is designed for teens and adults, who want to experience the feeling of being a Pro DJ, or anyone enthralled with the world of DJing, digital music and the latest remixes. Users can create their own mixes with the DJ Control MP3e2 which features two decks to mix music tracks on and offers the ultimate mobility. The advanced, lightweight digital mixer retails for $129.99 and will be available starting early October 2009.

The DJ Control MP3e2 is a new controller specifically designed to make mixing MP3’s easy. If you have a computer (PC or Mac®) equipped with a sound card, amplified speakers, your favorite music tracks and a USB port you are ready to rock the house with your personalized mixes. Feel like a DJ with a multitude of mixing functions at your fingertips including two mixing decks, two jog wheels for easy music track navigation, one cross fader and two volume faders for mixing two music tracks together and track speed controls for changing the pitch or tempo. Aspiring DJ’s can set the floor on fire by altering the music with the equalizer controls (bass, medium and treble ranges), adding (automatic) loops, multiple effects and even signature sounds. 

"The success of our products has helped spread the Hercules brand throughout the international DJ community." states Winn Keaten U.S. Marketing Manager for Hercules. "We are proud to offer this fun and intuitive DJ solution that gives novice users the sensation of being a Pro DJ" adds Keaten. 

Simple DJ Operations
- User-friendly automation for beginners 
- Cue point suggested by DJ software during audio file analysis (Included software: VirtualDJ® DJC MP3 e2)
- Track synchronizations with 1 push of a button
- Automatic loops on 1, 2 or 4 beats
- Lighter & smaller than a laptop
- Compact DJ control surface 
- USB powered - no extra power supply needed

Swift Mixing, Solid Controls
- 2 Mixing decks
- 3-Level equalization per deck for producing big sound
- 2 jog wheels to navigate tracks
- 1 Cross fader and 2 volume faders
- 4 Buttons to browse music lists
- 2 Buttons to load tracks
- Change your music files with your own effects
- Save your mixes as your own music files
- Non-slip pads ensure perfect stability

Runs on PC (Windows® XP and Vista 32 and 64-bit versions) and on Mac® (Mac G4/G5 and Mac OS 10.4)
For use with all digital music formats: Audio CD, MP3, WAV or WMA files for Windows®, AAC for Mac® OS

This new DJing controller succeeds the DJ Control MP3 by Hercules (Edition 1, the best-seller in its category on a global scale) and provides a number of additions including a new, wider, more slender design for comfortable mixing, broader and more precise jog wheels, 4 navigation buttons which replace the previous version’s joystick, increased space between the cross-fader and jog wheels, and more backlit buttons for mixing in low-light conditions.


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Odyssey Releases A Flight Case Taylored For DJ Console Rmx

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Odyssey has announced a glide style case (a case with a laptop support) taylored for Hercules DJ Console Rmx / DJ Control Steel. It is called FZGSRMX, and is sold for USD 199.99 in the US.

You can install a DJ Console Rmx or a DJ Control Steel with no rack mounting kit in the FZGSRMX as it is exactly made for it.

If you want to use a standard flight case of 6U, 7U or more, then you need Hercules rack mounting kit. -console-rmx-dj-control-steel/


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DeeJay TRIM 4&6, the new audio interface by Hercules, tailored for DJs

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Musikmesse, Frankfurt, April 1st, 2009 - Hercules, a pioneer in the world of digital audio mixing solutions for PC, is currently extending its professional range with an audio interface specifically designed for DJs: Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6.

Its features include: 
- 4 preamplified inputs, each featuring a view-meter
- Two modes: a 4-input/4-output mode and a 2-input /6-output mode 
- A built-in 3-port USB 2.0 hub supplied by an external power adapter
- A steel casing to handle the most intensive uses.

The genuine essence of technology and connectivity, it perfectly meets all DJs requirements, while offering exemplary stability.

Come and visit us at Hercules booth D11, Hall 5.0 at the Musikmesse fair in Frankfurt, from April 1st to 4th, and be among the first to discover our latest innovation!

Audio performance and connectivity dedicated to DJing
Building on its expertise as a designer of integrated audio interfaces, Hercules has created and tailored this new solution for DJs. It features a 4-input / 4-output configuration that can be switched to a 2-input / 6-output configuration, allowing users to export their mix to an external mixing device.
For easy integration to DJing gear, the device’s 4 Line or Phono inputs can receive the audio signal from CD or MP3 players (Line input) or turntables (Phono input) and mix this audio contents with music files stored on the computer.
An additional feature: the preamplification on inputs is adjustable using two rotary potentiometers allowing fine adjustment of the volume at the inputs, to fade high-level sources (e.g. some CD players) or amplify weaker audio sources as turntables.
The Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6 features 4 audio output channels: Two +4dBu ¼" Jack outputs for Public Address equipment and four -10dBv RCA outputs for mixing decks and conventional amplifiers. The 6 output mode enables users to transfer 2 stereo tracks separately to an external mixing deck, while playing on the third stereo track samples, loops and effects.
In addition to these inputs and outputs, a microphone connector with a talk-over feature, a headphones connector with a volume switch and a channel selector (channels 3&4 for monitoring and channels 1&2 to listen to the mix) are included.

Great versatility
Featuring a 3-port high-speed USB 2 hub, the Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6 can connect to a DJing controller or an external storage device (e.g. a USB key or a hard disk drive). The included power adapter prevents any variation in the sound level that might be generated by fluctuations in the computer’s USB bus electrical supply.
The Hercules audio interface features 4 view-meters, 1 per channel, to see the level of each channel (6 LEDs per channel) and identify any connectivity issue.

Intuitive and robust
Thanks to its steel casing, the Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6 can withstand intensive use and mesh seamlessly with other DJing equipment. Two handles mounted on the audio interface’s front face allow users to hold the device easily. Hercules has grouped all connectors at the back of the device (except the microphone and headphones connectors and 1 USB port), in order to make connectivity features accessible; these remain well-ordered, without encumbering both sides of the device, and reduce the risk of irritating cable entanglements. 4 wide non-slip pads guarantee perfect stability, even with heavy cables connected at the back of the device.
The view-meters, visible on the front panel, offer convenient control over the audio interface’s volume, whether mixing standing or seated - and even if CD cases are stacked on the unit.

This innovative DJing audio interface by Hercules will be available end of June 2009, at the suggested retail price of $249.99

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How to Update Your VirtualDJ DJC version?

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If you have a DJ Control MP3, DJ Console Mk2 (VirtualDJ Edition), DJ Control Steel or DJ Console Rmx, you can download an update of VirtualDJ DJC by:
1)  registering on VirtualDJ website

2) in the registration, typing your VirtualDJ DJC 3 or VirtualDJ DJC 5 serial number (you must use your own serial number, since there is only 1 registration per serial number)

3) and afterwards, when you enter in VirtualDJ update area you can see the last update to download.

Today, the last available updates are:
- for DJ Control MP3 / DJ Console Mk2: VirtualDJ DJC 3.4.1
- for DJ Console Rmx / DJ Control Steel: VirtualDJ DJC 5.2.1

- An update is not a upgrade: an update is for free, and you keep a VirtualDJ DJC Edition, you don't get a VirtualDJ Pro version. If you want to get VirtualDJ Pro version, you must buy an upgrade.
- There are no updates for VirtualDJ DJC 1 which was bundled with DJ Console Mk1.


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