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Instinct & VirtualDJ pitch mapping problem


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Gepost op 10/07/18 aan 23:06:41

I'm using Hercules djcontrol instinct with virtualDJ 8, and i have problem.
If I'm pulling or pushing the stuff at the top corner (sorry I'm bad at english and i don't know it's name, maybe bend) wich move the pitch scale, after some ms delay it's moving so fast, it runs till the and in a second, and i think it isn't ideal to its funcion (I'm a beginner). If at the mapping, at pitch, instead of "pitch" I write "pitch +0.1 bpm" it does almost what I want, it works soft and slowly, but only in one way. Doesn't matter if I pull or push it, it increases, same at -0.1 bpm, decreases. without + or -, "pitch 0.1 bpm", it does nothing. Could you help me with this please?

Thank you,

User Experience Team

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Gepost op 10/08/18 aan 15:43:03
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Hi Gibbon,

Welcome on the forum.

To map on DJControl Instinct pitch stick a picth action with a greater accuracy,
1) run VirtualDJ, go in Config > Controllers,
2) look for the key PITCH in the list
3) assign to this key the action
param_greater 0 ? pitch +0.01% : pitch -0.01%

4) and let me know if it fits your expectations: it works well for me but I did not find this solution alone, it comes from
https://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/Fine%20pitch%20adjustment%20with%20a%20 knob.html

param_greater 0 ? pitch +0.01% : pitch -0.01%