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[CLOSED] Total Beginner in DJing needs step by step tutorial :D


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Gepost op 04/09/17 aan 19:58:02
hey guys,
I bought my first DJ controller a few days ago and I have now clue how to start. I got the Hercules Universal DJ including DJUCED 40. I've tried a few things already and also found some things out but still I don't really get it at all {#emotions_dlg.laughing}

I would really appreciate if someone could give me a step by step tutorial how to mix - also putting beat after beat together to make your own mix - and also how to controll the Hercules Universal DJ.
Also does anybody know where I can download loops/samples/beats/etc. that I can convert into DJUCED 40? Especially PsyTrance beats {#emotions_dlg.smile}

so I'd really appreciate if someone of you guys could help me. Any help is good help to start when you have totally no knowledge about it {#emotions_dlg.tongue_out}

Thanks in advance!