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Having 2 DJ's, how would you set this up?


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Gepost op 08/12/13 aan 14:14:39
Okay, so my friend uses a Numark mixtrack pro, and she wants to try and do a DJ duo thing. However I'm stumpped, how would I do this? I'm guessing I'd put her on one speaker and then me on the other? However I'm not sure if that's what I'd do  

Any tips / advice on how to do this? (And how 2 djs would work together)? 

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Gepost op 10/03/13 aan 13:04:30
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This all depends on how you're planning on doing this. If you're thinking "Dueling DJ's" I would suggest both of you having your own gear. (amps, mixers, speakers, ect) if you're trying to mix together, I would have an additional crossfader that both of you are connected to  (you on input 1, her on input 2) going into your amp. 

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Gepost op 10/21/13 aan 18:34:12
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Sometime ago I did something similar, but with 2 hercules (RMX and MK2) and Virtual DJ (four Decks skin)

If you are experienced Djs you should get that only with an external mixer to handle both djs

If you need the "sync" thing (as I do...) then you will need to connect both consoles to the same PC.

Virtual DJ Will recognize both controllers. On the "Config" section, you choose wich of the controllers will also send the sound to the spekers. So one controller will take control of decks A and B. The other will control Decks C and D, and also will be the sound master.