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hercules dj control steel and mixxx

dj destruxion

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Inserito il 06/16/18 a 17:21:21
hi all,hope someone can help.
running 64 bit laptop with mixxx software.dj control steel and ni audio 2 dj.
nothing is working, do i need a patch or can someone who is good with laptops send me a link or help.
thanks in advanceian

User Experience Team

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Inserito il 06/20/18 a 14:34:46
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Hello djdestruxion,

Welcome on the forum.

1) You must import the MIDI map for DJ Control Steel.
Description here:

2) Please do not forget to precise your operating system (in Windows, you only need the xml file / in Linux you need more).

3) Please fill your profile in clicking on "My Space"> "My Profile"

You have 3 fields to list your equipment:
- In "Hercules equipment in use", please check your Dj controller, DJ Control Steel
- In "Software in use", check your DJ software, Mixxx
- In "Describe your equipment": describe your computer brand and model, CPU, quantity of RAM, version of Windows or Mac OS, version of DJConsole Series driver package, version of DJ software.

2) Do not forget to preciseyour operating system