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How to Upload/Complications with Control Air Recorder


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Inserito il 08/20/17 a 03:55:52
Hey Guys,

I'm a lil new to this. DubStep has been a love of mine since '09, and I got the Control Air decks a year and a half ago-got stolen once (got it back, the bastard) and it used to have a file destination for the recorded mix tracks. For some reason I cant find it after I ReInstalled the program. I'd like to upload the files, ya know, if the damned thing would record. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem? Also, is there a place on here for uploads? Hit me up; I can't wait to connect with all of you!

Sincerely, DJDeadBeat90

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Hello DJDeadBeat90,

If you use Djuced 18 1.0.102 (the last version of DJuced for DJControl Air), you can choose the path were Djuced saves your recording in
1) clicking on the setting icons, the Gear in Djuced 18 top bar,

2) Going in Djuced RECORD setting

The default Path for example is here :
c:/Users/UserName/Documents/DJUCED 18/Records/Mix/rec