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Old Skool Vinyl DJ needs a bit of help


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Inserito il 08/03/17 a 20:16:21
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Hello All Lovely Tech-Savvy DJ People,

have just bought myself a Hercules DJ Controller S Series with DJUCED18, for a set I'm going to do at my 50th next month
so I've got 1 month to practice. My music is all on itunes.  In the folders box bottom left of the DJuced console/dashboard whatever you call it, I can see all of my itunes playlists etc but there are only 5 tunes that it seems to recognise and allow me to play. the vast majority of my playlists are empty.

This is my first venture into this tech so don't know how to "find" the rest of my music. Any helps or tips would be much appreciated, I'm sure its very easy when you know how

thanks in advance

Martie Q

User Experience Team

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Inserito il 08/08/17 a 14:15:34
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Hello Martie-Q,

iTunes let you share the iTunes libraries if they are local music files, not Apple music. Please let us know if the music you try to see in Djuced 18 is
- regular audio files stored on your computer hard disk (m4a, wav, mp3...)
- or streaming file (Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, ...), which you cannot read in Djuced 18.