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Starlight not connecting to Mac Book Pro (early 2015)


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Inserito il 08/04/22 a 00:15:07
Hey Yall!

Having trouble getting the Starlight to connect. Im running a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) on OSX 12.5 | Serato V 2.5.12 - I have down loaded the Herculies driver for the controller and it shows up in my midi utilities, and test ok. The only thing I can notice is the sound card on this mac is 2 ch 24-bit integer 44.1kHz | and the controller is hard set to 4 ch 24-bit integer

Please let me know any thoughts on how to trouble shoot this?

User Experience Team

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Inserito il 08/04/22 a 12:41:35
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Hello Bato,

Welcome to the forum.

Please precise if you meet the same difficulties to connect in Serato DJ Lite (1.5.12) as you try to use Serato DJ Pro (2.5.12).

DJC Starlight is a Serato Lite controller so it does not unlock Serato DJ Pro.

To use it in Serato DJ Pro you need either:
- another DJ controller connected unlocking Serato DJ Pro (as Pioneer DDJ-SX or Serato MC-7000)
- or an upgrade licence to Serato DJ Pro 
- or to be in the trial period (14 days after you install the new Serato DJ Pro build).