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samples and new sounds for djuced

dj rotate

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Inserito il 07/03/15 a 17:17:22
ok ok.... so here is my problem. I wanted to make a some samples to play on the pads if my DJ CONTROLAIR STREET, but I can't get samples to play. wheither I pull them off the net. or make them in fl studio. what am I doing wrong? Personally, I think I'm just going in all directions, but getting nowhere? any ideas or help would be appreciated.


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Inserito il 07/30/15 a 16:18:03
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1) Please confirm you use last version of Djuced 18 (1.0.97) and last version of DJConsole series drivers (2015_HDJS_4 in case you are in Windows, or 5.57 in Mac OS).

2) Please precise the format and length of the samples, and precise your error message or symptom: I suppose you have noticed the samples must not exceed 30 seconds.

3) Please complete your profile here as getting an efficient technical help on a forum requires that you describe your computer technical configuration so in:
  - Hercules equipment in use: check DJ Control Air
  - Software in use: check Djuced
  -Describe your equipment field: precise your computer brand and model, CPU, RAM, operating system (for example is it Windows 8.1 32-bit or 64-bit), precise your DJConsole driver package, and your release of your DJ software, (for example Djuced 18 1.0.97).

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