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another beginner looking for advice


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Inserito il 01/02/13 a 17:20:16
hi all and happy new year.
I'm new to this forum as well as digital Dj'n. I'm looking for advice on which controller to get. budget is low but i dont want to get something that i may regret later. I've been using my friends RMX, which he said that he would sell it to me for $125 USD. I've also considered the instinct,air and MK4. i would like something with inputs and a mic input as well. i would be doing small parties and possibly Kareoke at the local watering hole. can someone steer me in the right direction please? kareoke equiptment might be supplied by the establishment but will need my own controller and laptop. thanks in advance. BTW i've been using Virtual dj pro and the free home version

DJ Phatso

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Inserito il 01/02/13 a 18:49:43
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Given your requirements for inputs, You've sort of already directed you choice toward the Mk4 or your friend's Rmx.

Knowing that, you have to take into account:

- the form factor (the Mk4 is small, meaning portable but also that all the controls are closer together, which could be an issue if you have big hands)

- The type of external sources you are planning to use (the Mk4 can accomodate high output CDJs, has a bit more gain on the mic input)

- that Mk4 or Rmx do not have pressure sensitive jogwheels (if you were planning more advanced scatching).

The Phat one!

Hercules DJ Forum Team


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Inserito il 01/02/13 a 21:49:21
thanks DJ Phatso, you are right in the MK4 being small, i just seen it and i thik that the RMX would be my better choice and i'm used to it.


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Inserito il 01/05/13 a 22:46:33
i have tried to install the djuiced for my control air on to mac g5 and though its installed there was a cross going through it and it wont let me open it because of having no architecture to back it up, what does this mean and how can i get sort this problem? any help would be much appreciated :) thankyou in advance.