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Hercules dj console 4-mx stopped working


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Publicado el 06/18/18 a 18:03:32
  • DJ Console 4-Mx
  • DJ Control AIR
  • VirtualDJ®
so I have a dj console 4-mx with which I already had some problems with, mainly because of windows 10, but those were fixed.
I now use a powered usb hub, a 0.5 m cable, fast boot disabled on the pc, and usb port power saving option disabled aswell.
The thing is a couple of days ago the pc just stopped recognising the 4-mx, I only get the mic on/off button for 2 seconds and then it's dead.
I tried holding the mic on/off button while connecting and also tried 4 computers; one win10 desktop, one win 10 laptop, a win 7 desktop and a mac book pro 2012, no results on any of the computers. I also did driver reinstalls.
The weird thing is it worked fine, the only difference I can recall between the last time it worked and now I the last windows 10 update.

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

I'm not a pro but love djing!