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Beats light not working properly

DJ TideWave

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Publicado el 03/22/19 a 20:12:40
Hi and thanks for accepting my registration to this great forum. I just bought the Hercules DJ Control Jogvision and I like it a lot, but it seems I have one problem. The beats lights are not counting the beats as it should like. It just stays lit on one side. Usually right side. This is in Serato DJ Lite. In Serato Intro it is not working at all. No lights. In Serato Lite the light goes from far left to far right without lighting up the leds in between. See below video for example.



DJ TideWave

User Experience Team

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Publicado el 03/25/19 a 15:16:36
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Hello DJ Tidewave,

Welcome on the forum.

Indeed, as Serato DJ Lite (and Intro) do not display the beatgrid, the beat meters are not activated: they need Serato DJ Pro.
As a result, DJCOntrol Jogvision beat-meter are used in another way in Serato DJ Lite:
- when the deck is not playing, the Light is on 1st LED (Left),
- when the deck is playing, the Light is on 4th LED (Right).