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Controller does not play with Windows 7 on laptop


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Publicado el 03/01/18 a 21:02:30
Hello, A few months ago I bought this device for my 7 year old son. We installed it on our Mac computer and we got it quite easily to work. Later I installed it on a Windows 7 Enterprise laptop and that also worked. At least until the end of 2017. In january 2018 all of a sudden it did not work anymore and I thought that the software expired or whatever. So now we have installed the software again, but I can not get it to work properly. I see the screen and if I move a button on the controller it also moves on the screen etc. The buttons on the controller also light up. However, when I press the button Load A on the controller after I selected a song, I see that that song is active, but nothing is playing, no sound, no graphics moving, just dead. When I select another song to Load, it even comes with the message that I can not do that while another one is playing...Strange, but I have now reinstalled the software a couple of times and no improvement, just more frustration. What can I do more. When I connect it to the Mac computer again it is working again.

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Publicado el 03/02/18 a 12:00:50
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Hello jfrickers,

1) From your description, I suppose should go in the audio settings of the DJ software and select the audio device to play the sound on, since the setting of the software is probably non appropriate there.
To provide a more precise guideline, I need 3 pieces of information:
- name of the DJ controller,
- Dj software name and version,
- computer brand and model.

2) If I consider your controller is DJ Control Instinct with Djuced 18 1.0.104, and you are in Windows 7 64-bit, then what you should do is:
a) connect DJControl Instinct to the computer USB port,
b)  run Djuced 18,
c)  click on Djuced Settings icon

d) In the Audio menu, select DJControl Instinct as audio device
 - i) In Audio Device, select DJControl Instinct ASIO (ASIO) if you have installed DJControl Instinct drivers (2018_HDJS_1 driver pack today),  or Speakers (Hercules DJControl Instinct) (WASAPI) if you did not install drivers
- ii) in Outputs: as Master select Outputs 1&2, and a Headphones select Outputs 3 & 4
- iii) Click on OK button

3) If you meet any technical problem, please fill your profile in clicking on "My Space"> "My Profile"

You have 3 fields to list your equipment:
- In "Hercules equipment in use", please check your Dj controller,
- In "Software in use", check your DJ software,
- In "Describe your equipment": describe your computer brand and model, CPU, quantity of RAM, version of Windows or Mac OS, version of DJConsole Series driver package, version of DJ software.