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djuced40 & Ipad


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Publicado el 12/17/16 a 09:25:05
Hallo zusammen, 

ich bin neu hier und habe mir das Hercules Universal DJ zugelegt.
Meine Frage: Ist es möglich die Software djuces 40 auf dem Ipad zu nutzen. 
Leider schein dies die einzige Möglichkeit zu sein meine Songs von Spotify zu importieren.

Oder habt Ihr einen anderen Tip für mich?

Grüße Marcus 

User Experience Team

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Publicado el 12/22/16 a 14:39:48
  • P32 DJ
  • DJControl Jogvision
  • DJConsole RMX2
  • DJControl Air+
  • DJ Console 4-Mx
  • Djuced®
  • VirtualDJ®
  • Serato®
  • Traktor®

You can mix (but no control) audio tracks from Spotify with your music in Djuced 40 in:
1) loading your Spotify player on your iPad,
2) connecting the headphones output of your iPad to the Aux Input of your Universal DJ
with a cable like that:

3) connecting your Universal DJ to your computer,
4) running Djuced 40, and in the audio settings, activating the audio inputs as follows

Audio device: DJHERCULESMIX Universal DJ ASIO (ASIO)
Master: Outputs 1&2
Headphones: Output 3&4

Deck A: Inputs 1&2
Deck B: Inputs 1&2

- then, when you want to replace your computer tracks by a Spotify, you play Spotify on your iPad player, and in Djuced 40, you click on the deck letter (big A or big B) and ou replace the track player by the external source

so you play your Spotify signal on your iPad, you inject it in Djuced 40, you replace the track player on the deck by the external source, and you mix it in Djuced 40 with Universal DJ (you can use the crossfader, volume fader and bass-medium-treble), but you cannot control Spotify on Universal DJ (no play, pause, cue, loop...), you control Spotify on your iPad.

The only software which lets you control tracks from Spotify is Djay Pro on Mac OS, which supports Universal DJ, but there is no Djay Pro in Windows, and Djay iPad does not support Universal DJ.