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problemas de ruido por USB


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Posted on 08/10/19 at 22:01:19
Buenas tardes. Me he comprado una hercules dj control instinc y me saca ruido por el puerto USB a los altavoces. Tengo los altavoces por cables RCA directos a la mesa y por el USB sale ruido del PC. ¿a que se debe esto? por mas que busco soluciones no encuentro nada. 

Gracias de antemano.

User Experience Team

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Posted on 08/12/19 at 06:41:50
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If you hear noise in the speakers connected to DJControl Instinct, the most likely reasons are:

1) noisy power supply of the computer
=> If you have a laptop, test if when you power the laptop on its battery, you no longer hear this noise
=> if powering the computer on its battery cuts the noise, then the long term solution is to add a USB hub which has a power adapter betwee the computer and the DJ controller

2) noisy USB connector
=> try connecting the DJ controller on another USB port
=> move your DJ controller far from your USB mouse, if you can

3) ground loop
=> check if your speakers and your computer are connected on the same power supply
=> If they are connect to the same power supply, it should be OK, unless this power plug is not grounded (bad power installation).

4) lack of CPU ressources
=> check the process here to optimize your computer .