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Hercules DJ Console Rmx output 1-2 is quieter than output 3-4


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Posted on 12/09/17 at 22:30:31
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Hi, I tried hooking up my DJ Console RMX's output 1-2 and output 3-4 to an external mixer and it turns out output 1-2 is way quieter than output 3-4. I've tried with the same song on both channels, even switching the cables. Any chance a firmware update may solve this?

(Using a Mac but it seems to be a purely hardware issue.) 

User Experience Team

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Posted on 12/11/17 at 14:45:31
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It depends of
-  of what you play on output 1-2 and output 3-4: what is the software you use, what is the audio output routing (for example, if you play Virtual DJ master on ouput 1-2 and Virtual DJ preview on output 3-4, the master output is louder than the preview, because VirtualDJ master volume and a gain setting is activated on the master output, while you have no software gain on the preview)
- which output 1-2 and output 3-4 connectors you use, 1/4" jack or RCA : the RCA outputs play at a lower level (-10dBv) than the 1/4" jack outputs (+4dBu).

And you can adjust the output 1-2 and output 3-4 levels on the left of DJ Console Rmx control panel: