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Can anyone recommend speakers for home use on DJcontrol Instinct


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Posted on 11/07/15 at 22:03:08
Hi, I have a DJ Control Instinct and whilst at home feed it through a crappy speaker (because it's the only one I have that can use a single 3.5 jack). Before I launch into a lifelong Internet search for a set of speakers, can anyone recommend some they are using that can be plugged into the single 3.5 jack on the back? Thanks very much!


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Posted on 11/09/15 at 11:45:39
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Hello Slske1,

1) Any stereo speaker kit with dual RCA input can be connected to the 1/8" (3.5mm) jack output on the back of your computer, you just need to add a cheap dual RCA to 1/8" adapter (as here) if your audio cable is in dual RCA instead of 1/8".

2) I don't see why you focus on 3.5mm (1/8") connection since Instinct has both 1/8" and dual RCA speakers outputs.

3) The type of speakers you may use depends on what you want to do:
- for use at home, in a bedroom or in a living room up to 300 square feet/25 square meters, 30W Rms speakers are OK, as Hercules 2.1 slim speakers  or, if you prefer stereo speakers than 2.1,  XPS DJ 2.060 whose look is more attractive,
- for use in a large room for example a 400 square feet/40 square meters room, I would suggest either Hercules XPS 2.080 DJ, or a hifi system if you have one,
- for use in a hall or outside, you need public address speakers, they are generally much larger and heavier.

More on Hercules DJ Mix Room: