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[CLOSED] Hercules DJ Console RMX Firmware Issue


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Posted on 12/15/19 at 02:58:56
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Hello BlackScorpion,

Thanks for your message.
If you can boot your DJConsolke Rmx in an old Mac, can you connect the Rmx and run the Hercules control panel:
- In Applications > DJHerculesMix > DJSeries > RMX > ControlPanel
- go to the About tab and check the Rmx Firmware version ?

If the firmware version ends with 32, as hereafter, your firmware is the latest, and your problem does not come from a too old firmware but from another problem, and probably the USB cable is too long or the Mac needs a USB 3.0 hub powered by a power adapter between the Rmx and the USB port to operate properly on your newer Mac.

If the firmware version does not end with 32, the non detection problem on the other Mac may be due to the firmware, and you need to update the firmware:
- the easiest solution is to add a USB hub (powered by a power adapter) and try to update the firmware with the USB firmware file installed by Hercules DJ drivers, with the DJ COnsole Rmx connected via the USB hub to the old Mac,
- the more complicated way is to remove the eeprom and use an eeprom burner with a firmware file I can send you, but compared to updating the firmware via the USB, using an external eeprom programmer is more complicated: if you are not at ease with that process, it is simpler to ask to an electronic repair store to do it, with the firmware fin (in .bin) I can send you.

Thanks for  relying , i will try this option first and see what happens with the firmware update.