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Software treiber installieren

DJ Psymash

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Posted on 09/12/17 at 22:11:13
Hallo und Guten Abend

ich habe folgfendes Problem
wenn ich die cd einlege dann wird immer dieses komische djuded 40 installiert also das wo die decks nicht angezeigt werden.

warum ist das so?

beim ersten mal hat er mir da richtige programm installiert

User Experience Team

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Posted on 09/14/17 at 16:09:19
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Hello and ggod afternoon,

1) When you meet any technical problem, please fill your profile in clicking on "My Space"> "My Profile"
You have 3 fields to list your equipment:
- In "Hercules equipment in use", please select the name your Dj controller,
- In "Software in use", please select your DJ software, Djuced,
- In "Describe your equipment": describe your computer brand and model, CPU, quantity of RAM, version of Windows or Mac OS, version of DJConsole Series driver package, version of DJ software (as Djuced 40 3.5.0).

2) Please describe in details the meaning of "die decks nicht angezeigt werden".
If you mean you no longer see the emulation of 2 rotary disks, then you are in 4-deck display (2 track decks + 2 sampler decks) and you can come back to 2-deck display in clicking on the 2-deck icon on the centre of the top bar.