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Exporting Djuced 18 library with file info ??

Voodoo Rob

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Posted on 07/28/18 at 13:50:43
Hi team...
I imported tracks from my  general music folder and proceeded to "correct" all the file info on Djuced there are way to export & save the library with the corrected file info????
Thanks for any assistance offered. 

User Experience Team

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Posted on 07/30/18 at 11:14:23
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To export your library on a second computer, you should
- install Djuced 18 on the second computer
- copy the audio files from your current computer to another computer,
- duplicate the Djuced database file, DJUCED.db, from Documents>DJUCED folder into a new file, for example DJUCEDBackup.db
(path to the folder Documents > Djuced: In Windows C:\Users\YourName\Documents\DJUCED 18,
In macOS, Macintosh HD > Users > YourName > Documents > DJUCED 18)
- copy this duplicated file, for example DJUCEDBackup.db, on the second computer, in DJUCED folder C:\Users\YourName\Documents\DJUCED 18
- run Djuced 18 on the second computer,
- right click on the Manage Library icon, and select Import Library
- and import the DJUCEDBackup.db file.