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RMX2 Installation Success but not working on Win10 USB3.0


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Eingestellt von 11/01/18 an 13:21:17
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Hi all,

I changed recently from a Win10 machine to a newer Win10 machine (with USB3.0) ports but my RMX2 controller ( doesn't work on this new machine.

The installation of the drivers is successful and, when it asks to plug-in the controller, it detects (says RMX2) and finishes the installation sucessfully.

I'm using the latest drivers available (2018.HDJS.2).
On the Win10 device manager, it just says that there is an error on this controller (nothing more specific).

I read that the other device RMX needs a firmware update to work with USB3 on Win10 but I couldn't find anything for the RMX2.

I also tried to run a firmware update (running the HDJSeriesUpdater.exe, under /firmware/) on my old laptop, but oddly it says that the following:
"The DJHERCULESMIX Series driver found on your system is older than expected. Please re-install the DJHERCULESMix Driver Package". My old laptop is also running the latest drivers.

Any thoughts?

For full info, this is the "About" tab on my old laptop.
Package: 2.HDJS.2018
Firmware: 1.34 - 19
Ref: 4780729-18037-03553

User Experience Team

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Eingestellt von 11/06/18 an 19:22:26
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1) When you call the DJConsole Rmx2 control panel, in the About tab, what do you read?

2) Please describe your computer with details:
- Computer brand and model
- Version of Windows 10 (for example Windows 10 Home, version 1709, 64-bit)
- USB connection: how is your DJConsole Rmx2 connected: to a USB 2 or USB 3  
- Antivirus: have you an antivirus software which may have prevent the installation of the driver?
- Windows pop up: when you install the drivers, do you let Hercules installer run up to its end, without answering to any Windows pop up message (if you click on these pop up, they cancel the installation in replacing the Hercules drivers by Microsoft plug and play drivers)

3) Please do not try to update any firmware.
The firmware update for USB 3 ports requested by Windows 8.1 is not needed on DJConsole Rmx2, so do not put your equipment at risk with a firmware update which it is not needed or useful.